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It's time for lighting: Lighting for building or remodeling

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It's time for lighting: Lighting for building or remodeling

When remodeling your current home or building a new house, lighting is a key part of the plan! But when is the right time to talk to a lighting expert from Metro Lighting? Anytime! We’ll be able to help at any stage in your remodel or build, but as lighting evolves to more than just a decorative fixture in the middle of the room, the earlier lighting is planned the more you can do! With SmartHome choices, and light layering, the sooner the better when contacting your lighting expert. We can help layout ambient lighting, task lighting and your decorative lighting.

1) Initial Design Plan - It’s never too early to meet with an ALA certified lighting expert from Metro Lighting! We’ll listen to your ideas and talk about various options that can be included in your vision and budget. Be sure to bring any drawings or plans to your meeting!

2) Schematic Design - This is when ideas become reality, and your lighting plan includes placement of fixtures and other lighting elements like recessed lights, switches, dimmers, outlets and any SmartHome features you want to include.

3) Execution - Your lighting designer will communicate with the electrician, usually through a site walk-through to ensure the plan is progressing and carried out.

4) Installation - Your plan is realized and your lighting is installed! Bulbs and any SmartHome features are fine-tuned and programmed. Voila! 

It can be extremely overwhelming building and remodeling, and the experts at Metro Lighting are trained to make the lighting design element of your project go as smoothly and to plan as possible! We look forward to working with you to make your ideas into a finished product.